Hãy cùng nhau thử tài Quản Lý Dự Án tuần này với 10 câu hỏi trong phần Human Resource Management nhé!

Question 1: 
You have just learned that one of your team members has not been adequately trained to complete project activities as assigned to him. How will you handle this situation? 
A. Replace this team member with someone more qualified. 
B. Request proper training be provided and paid for by the functional manager. 
C. Revise the schedule to account for the decreased effectiveness of this resource. 
D. Mentor this resource during the remainder of project duration. 
Correct; Would you select a choice that said “remove the resource,” like choice A? Why? There is no need for the project manager to take such drastic action, because he would have accounted for the team member’s level of experience and productivity in the project management plan. 

Question 2: 
A team member comes to you (the project manager) privately and informs you that an employee of your customer is making unwelcome advances. The team member has repeatedly requested that this person stop, but the advances continue. What is the BEST course of action? 
A. Privately confront the customer employee and threaten legal action if the advances do not stop. 
B. Suggest that the team member avoid contact with the customer employee. 
C. Contact the employee’s manager to arrange a meeting to discuss the matter. 
Correct; Contacting the employee’s manager and arranging a meeting is the best way to handle this discreetly and effectively. This situation does not involve project-related activities, so resolution of the issue is not within the jurisdiction of the project manager. 
D. Facilitate a meeting with the team member, the customer employee, and yourself to allow the two to work it out amicably. 

Question 3: 
A seller has withdrawn from a project midway through the project executing processes, and another seller is taking over. The project manager meets with the replacement seller and his crew. In this meeting, what should the project manager do FIRST? 

A. Introduce the team members, and identify the roles and responsibilities. 
Correct; It is important that the new seller understand who is who on the project (choice A). Choices B and C would be included in the contract. Choice D might occur after choice A, but it is not first. 
B. Communicate the objectives of the project. 
C. Review the schedule. 
D. Create a communications management plan. 

Question 4: 
A project manager is staying in touch with the work of project team members, managing conflicts, and requesting changes to the project management plan. What process is she involved in? 
A. Report Performance 
B. Manage Project Team 
Correct; Plan Human Resources (choice C) occurs during the planning process group. Acquire project team (choice D) occurs earlier in the executing process group. This leaves only choices A and B. The situation described does not sound like it relates to Report Performance, (choice A) so choice B is the only remaining choice. 
C. Plan Human Resources 
D. Acquire Project Team 

Question 5: 
The project manager is in the process of staffing the project. Available resources are as follows: Mary always works overtime. Whitney works very hard. Laurie meets the project requirements. Jess is very enthusiastic about the project and will work overtime if necessary. Who is the MOST appropriate resource for this project? 
A. Mary 
B. Whitney 
C. Laurie 
Correct; Meeting project requirements is the most important attribute of those presented. 
D. Jess 

Question 6: 
You have just been assigned as project manager for a large telecommunications project. This one-year project is about halfway done. The project team consists of five sellers and 20 of your company’s employees. You want to understand who is responsible for doing what on the project. Where would you find such information? 
A. Responsibility assignment matrix 
Correct; The responsibility assignment matrix maps who will do the work. The resource histogram (choice B) shows the number of resources used in each time period. In its pure form, a bar chart (choice C) shows only activity and calendar date. An organizational chart (choice D) shows who reports to whom. 
B. Resource histogram 
C. Bar chart 
D. Project organization chart 

Question 7: 
You work in a matrix organization when a team member comes to you to admit he is having trouble with his activity. Although not yet in serious trouble, the team member admits he is uncertain of how to perform part of the work on the activity. He suggests a training class available next week. What should you do? 
A. Switch to a trained resource to avoid the cost. 
B. Determine if anyone else needs training. 
C. Get money from the team member’s functional department budget. 
D. Get money from the project budget. 
Correct; As the project manager, you would have analyzed his skills as part of your resource management planning so there is no need for choice A. Although choice B might be a good idea, it does not solve the problem at hand, the team member. The cost of such training for team members is borne by the project, making choice D a better answer than choice C. 

Question 8: 
Which of the following is the primary output of the Develop Project Team process? 
A. Change requests 
B. Staffing management plan 
C. Team performance assessment 
Correct; Choces A and D are parts of Manage Project Team. Choice B is part of Plan Human Resources. The Develop Project Team process involves training and other activities that make team members more capable of doing their jobs. Therefore, you expect performance improvements to result. 
D. Updated issue log 

Question 9: 
“Do the work because I have been put in charge!” is an example of what type of power? 
A. Formal 
Correct; Formal power is based on your position. 
B. Penalty 
C. Effective 
D. Expert 

Question 10: 
A project has several teams.Team C has repeatedly missed deadlines in the past. This has caused team D to have to crash the critical path several times. As the team leader for team D, you should meet with the: 
A. Manager of team D 
B. Project manager alone. 
C. Project manager and management. 
D. Project manager and the leader of team C. 
Correct; Those having the problem should resolve the problem. Having had to crash the critical path several times implies that team D has already dealt with these problems. In this case, the two team leaders need to meet. The extent of this situation requires the project manager’s involvement as well. 


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1 Response to Hãy cùng nhau thử tài Quản Lý Dự Án tuần này với 10 câu hỏi trong phần Human Resource Management nhé!

  1. thomastanda says:

    Question 1:
    Senior management has imposed a project delivery date prior to acceptance of the project scope statement. To whom is the project manager MOST accountable?
    A. Project sponsor
    B. Project team
    C. Custome
    D. Senior management

    Question 2:
    A project manager has just been assigned to a new project and has been given the approved project charter. The FIRST thing the project manager must do is:
    A. Create a project scope statement
    B. Confirm that all the stakeholders have had input to the scope.
    C. Analyze project risk
    D. Begin work on a project management plan

    Question 3:
    A WBS is BEST described as a tool for tracking:
    A. The schedule
    B. Resources
    C. Cost
    D. Scope

    Question 4:
    Which of the following is an output of the Collect Requirements process?
    A. Requirements traceability matrix
    B. Project scope statement
    C. Work breakdown structure
    D. Requested scope changes

    Question 5:
    Which of the following is NOT part of the Define Scope process?
    A. Facilitated workshops
    B. Identifying alternatives
    C. Product analysis
    D. Inspection

    Question 6:
    A new project manager has asked you for advice on creating a work breakdown structure. After you explain the process to him, he asks you what software he should use to create the WBS, and what he should do with it when he is finished creating it. You might respond that it is not the picture that is the most valuable result of creating a WBS. It is:
    A. A bar chart
    B. Team buy-in
    C. Activities
    D. A list of risks

    Question 7:
    During what part of the project management process is the project scope statement created?
    A. Initiating
    B. Planning
    C. Executing
    D. Monitoring and controlling

    Question 8:
    You have a signed project charter, and are in the process of creating a project scope statement. You have asked the team for input to ensure that the project scope statement is complete. However, the team is struggling with defining the scope. Which of the following BEST describes the problem?
    A. A WBS was not completed before the project scope statement was begun.
    B. The team is working on the project scope statement without the benefit of organizational process assets.
    C. The team is in the Define Scope process and needs the project scope statement as an input.
    D. The project objectives were not identified before the project scope statement was begun.

    Question 9:
    A work breakdown structure is an input to all of the following processes EXCEPT:
    A. Define Activities
    B. Estimate Costs
    C. Perform Quality Assurance
    D. Plan Procurements

    Question 10:
    The preparation of the scope baseline can BEST be described as involving:
    A. The functional managers
    B. The project team
    C. All the stakeholders.
    D. The project expediter.

    1. C
    2. B
    3. D
    4. A
    5. D
    6. B
    7. B
    8. B
    9. C
    10. B

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